Mayor Darlene turn-overs desktop computers to H.Bayan Sr. Elementary School

– H. Bayan Sr. Elementary School receives ten (10) personal computers from the local government unit of General Santos through the initiatives of Hon. Darlene Magnolia Antonino Custodio on June 21, 2013.

During the blessing , ribbon-cutting, and turn-over ceremonies held inside the upgraded speech and computer laboratory, the lady mayor inspired the guests by sharing how important the role of learning new technologies to improve one’s livelihood. One example she presented was the successful implementation of digital caricature training attended by Bernardo Navidad (fb name Arex Pilapil) of Fatima High School. He was able to master his craft and currently selling his works online and earning him a living.

Mayor Darlene also talked about her experience during the World Cities Summit: Mayors Forum 2013 in Bilbao, Spain where she was invited to speak and present what General Santos City had been doing . The summit was attended by selected mayors from around the five continents.

According to her, every key cities in the world are banking on the knowledge industry including the promotion of business process outsourcing for its citizenry. In Gensan, she already established a bridge connecting the BPO need and what the S.H.E.E.P. Computer Literacy Program had been doing since 1999. The program continuously provides training to all interested participants in different IT-related short courses including the FREE call center training.

Mayor Darlene emphasized that BPO is not only confined with call centers. In fact, other IT-related disciplines need to be given attention like digital animation, game development, apps development, medical and legal transcriptions, to name a few. In fact, these on-line jobs are paid higher than working as call center agents.

Meanwhile, the computers were received by the school principal – Mrs Eleanor Y. Saribillo through the Department Of Education represented by Dr. Sylvia Acuña. Finally it was given to the end users, the students represented by the student council officials through their Parent-Teacher-Association president.

Earlier on, Fr. Rolly Japitana of the Diocese of Marbel who is the outgoing parish priest of Sts. Peter and Paul in Lagao, General Santos City, blessed the computer room and the ten computer units in a simple ceremony. Punong Barangay Melencia Ortiz assisted Mayor Darlene in presenting the computers to the school.

58 computer laboratories installed by LGU-General Santos in 26 barangays

GENERAL SANTOS CITY – In just one year and eight months, that is, from July 2011 to March 2013, the local government of General Santos City was able to provide 58 Speech and Computer Laboratories across the 26 barangays of the city. Around 790 personal computers were turned-over by Mayor Darlene to different school heads consisting from 10 to 20 computer units depending on the school’s population.

This advocacy started in 1999 where Labangal National High School identified having the poorest of the poor students were prioritized to receive the first twenty (20) sets of computers. In 2000, all the 16 public high schools that time were provided with 20 computer units per school.

In 2001, the legacy continues. Elementary schools received their computers for the establishment of their schools computer laboratories.

In 2011, with the demand for global competitiveness espicially the need to increase the human capital of the city, Mayor Darlene automatically strategized the implementation and distribution of computers to the aging units of the school. She reengineered the S.H.E.E.P. Computer Literacy Program by providing more training modules to meet the demand of the IT-Business Process Outsourcing needs.

At the grassroot level, basic computer trainings are being introduced. In high school, computer programming, basic robotics, multimedia art are now part of the training. AutoCAD, animation, call center trainings are given to interested participants for free.

With the increase number of population of a public school, not all students can avail of the basic computer operation. However, DepEd and LGU are in making sure that all Grade 6 graduates can undergo the basics of computer technology.

All these services are being promoted to increase the human capital of the city. Most importantly, in the years 2010 to 2012, the fault line separating the rich from the poor in terms of ICT knowledge and skills has been replaced with equal opportunity, a better chance for profitable livelihood, all moving in the direction towards the wholesome economic development of General Santos City.





Digital Arabic Inscription Training for Gensan’s Madaris, well-attended

 – Members of the Madaris (education system) joined the training on Digital Arabic Inscription on March 21 to 22, 2013 at the office of SHEEP Computer Literacy Program. It is a training module aimed to integrate the Arabic language through the use of technology. Basic computer operation with Microsoft Word and Powerpoint were introduced first. Then the participants were guided how to utilize the Arabic tool to encode Arabic characters using Word and Powerpoint.On March 8, 2013 this “Digital Arabic Inscription” training was presented by Hon. Darlene Antonino- Custodio in Sarif Mucsin Elementary School during the formal launching of their speech and computer laboratory with 10 computers given by the local government of General Santos City.

ALIVE teachers from DepEd also attended this training on March 11 to 12, 2013. The Arabic Language and Islamic Values Education (ALIVE)  asatidz or Muslim educators will be the one to train their students in the digital inscription from elementary to high school Muslim students in General Santos City.

This coming March 27, 2013 both the Madaris and ALIVE teachers will join hand in hand to culminate their trainings on basic computer operation and the digital Arabic inscription training at the atrium of Robinsons Place – General Santos City. Atty Guialil R. Kanda, NCMF Director, Socksargen Area,  is invited to inspire our Muslim brothers and sisters to continue what they have learned in the latest technology.

Mrs. Ellana A. Abedin, Division ALIVE Coordinator and Principal of Irineo Santiago National High School of Metro Dadiangas will welcome all the guests while Mr. Jahal M. Addat, Community Affairs Officer III from the City Mayor’s Office for Cultural Affairs,  will present the graduates to the public.

Rajahmuda Alimudin G. Hassan, Al Haj, Executive Assistant III on Cultural Community Affairs of the City Mayor’s Office and Hon. Lourdes Casabuena, Committee Chair on Cultural Community will deliver their inspirational messages to the graduates.

Sarif Mucsin Elementary receives “Digital Arabic Inscription” training

LOWER BALUAN, GENERAL SANTOS CITY – Mayor Darlene formally launched the training on “Digital Arabic Inscription” to Sarif Mucsin Elementary School pupils along with the donation of ten (10) personal computers coming from the local government of General Santos City. The computers were installed in the school’s speech and computer laboratory to augment the learning technologies of the participants mostly coming from the Muslim sector of this barangay.

Bundled with the computers are ready-to-use software designed for students like electronic library system for research and development sans the internet and audiobooks aligned with the reading program of the school. The latter is aimed to correct the pronunciation and diction problem of most students. An English-American accent read-along audio is played while the (electronic) books display the text. This way attention span of students can be improved and generally encourage the students to enjoy reading through this computer-assisted initiatives of the local government.


Meanwhile, ALIVE teachers are also trained how to set-up the computers and how to activate the Arabic Scripting using Microsoft Office application like Word, Excel and Powerpoint. In General Santos, the local government supports the DepEd’s program for ALIVE in promoting ICT as tool to learn the Arabic Language.

These level-up trainings is part of Mayor Darlene’s battlecry: “THINK GLOBAL. ACT LOCAL” to prepare all the Generals to be globally competitive. All trainings are facilitated by the SHEEP Computer Literacy Program which was established by Hon. Adelbert W. Antonino in 1999.




J. Catolico Elem benefits from Mayor Darlene’s computerization projects

[March 7, 2013] – Twenty (20) computers from the local government were donated to Jose Catolico Elementary in Brgy. Lagao through the computer literacy program of Hon. Darlene Antonino – Custodio. The formal turn-over ceremony was held together with the Lagao Central Elementary School in the latter’s fully-packed covered area where parents and students from both schools attended. The ribbon-cutting, blessing and dedication program were held in the school’s newly refurbished speech and computer laboratory.

The S.H.E.E.P. Computer Literacy Program of the City Mayor’s Office bundled the new computers with ready to use software including ebooks and audiobooks. These audiobooks will be utilized this summer 2013 for the computer-assisted reading program conceptualized by the SHEEP-CLP team.

The SHEEP-CLP has been existing since 1999 when it was fonded by Hon. Adelbert W. Antonino who is considered now as the ‘Father of the SHEEP-CLP’.

General Santos reclaims CRAA title, garners 611.5 points as 2013 overall champion

General Santos City reclaimed the championship in the 11th Cotabato Regional Athletic Association (CRAA) Meet in Cotabato Provincial Sports Complex in Kidapawan, North Cotabato. After two years in 2011 and 2012, Gensan once again led other eight contingents from different cities and provinces in the Cotabato Region.

Gensan garnered 611.5 overall points as snatched the grand champion award followed by South and North Cotabato provinces as 1st and 2nd runners-up respectively with 571.0 and 431.0 points each. Third runner-up went to Koronadal City with 380.5 points.










1st Runner Up




2nd Runner Up




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 5th Runner Up




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 8th Runner Up